It all started with their first home – a truly transformational project that generated buzz in the design industry and garnered much praise from friends and neighbors. A brand new life was breathed into an outdated 1970’s house showcasing the brilliance of natural light and architectural splendor outfitted with a carefully curated interior. A place the Gurfinkel family could work, play and truly live . . . a place that inspired happiness and creative passion which carried them forward on a new adventure.

Ilya and Arina, the husband and wife team launched a development company, restoring and re-designing old properties into remarkable homes. It took no time before Arina’s timeless aesthetic and savvy ability to re-imagine spaces were noticed by potential clients and home builders alike.  So, Amara Home Designs was created to focus on the growing demand of custom projects and discerning clientèle.

Today, Arina is leading a dedicated design team devoted to creating elevated designs for effortless living.